Dinner Party Tools

Food-PartyA Home Cook’s Dinner Party Tools

Hosting a dinner party can be a daunting task but with the proper tools any home cook can be a master chef. With a variety of small appliances you can accomplish any big menu. These appliances are not only compact and time saving, they have multiple functions allowing you to tackle the most difficult recipes with ease.

A mini food processor can make any time consuming dip or spread simple and quick. They are perfect for perfecting your smooth or chunky nut butters. Mini food processors easily whip a frozen banana into a delectable and healthy ice cream. Just pulse the chop button and you are a few minutes away from creamy hummus, with a mighty mini food processor. Good Housekeeping, Ranker, and Consumer Reports websites all list the top rated mini food processors and other small appliances. Users reviews can help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Another weapon in the home cook’s arsenal is a mandolin slicer, check it out here http://www.restaurantsupply.com/. A mandolin is an incredible multi-slicing tool. It can easily be set up on a countertop, is dishwasher safe, and can be folded up away in a drawer. A mandolin slicer allows you to slice a potato in every way imaginable; from a traditional fry to a wavy chip. Slicing delicately thin tomatoes or zucchini is safe and quick with a mandolin slicer. Whether you are creating beautiful fruit salads or spicy Asian coleslaw, you can slice a plethora of produce to make any side dish or entree your menu’s masterpiece. TheKichn.com and Yuppiechef.com offer great ideas to get the most out of your mandolin slicer.

Of course no home cook’s dream kitchen would be complete without a good blender. You can opt for a grand Vitamix, a Ninja, or a simple yet effect Hamilton Beach, any one you choose will allow you to make creamy soups for the whole dinner party. Blenders are also wonderful at mixing those after dinner frozen cocktails as well. But food processordon’t forget dessert! A blender is a wonderful tool for whip creams, puddings, and mousse. Noshonit.com and wisebread.com have amazing ideas and recipes for blenders to make your dinner party a success.

Although the unsung hero and often overlooked kitchen tool is the coffee grinder. If free of coffee grinds, the coffee grinder is excellent for chopping fresh herbs and spices. A coffee grinder is also an efficient way to make oat flour from regular old fashioned oats, for any guest who may be going gluten free. No matter what you serve or how you serve it, small appliances will help you accomplish any meal in minutes.